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Parking Ticket Machines

Marprom is taking care of 78 parking ticket payment machines in the white parking zones in Maribor. You can pay the parking in the white zone on the parking ticket machines with cash (coins).

The minimum time unit for payment at the parking ticket machine is 1 hour, with three different parking prices for 1 hour: € 0,60, € 01,00 and € 1,70. Prices which are set according to the parking area are posted on road signs and parking payment machines in the white zones.

After paying the parking fee in cash (with coins), the parking machines do not refund the change. The parking machines also do not accept bank cards, but it is possible to pay on them with value cards, which you can get and refill at the cash desk at the Maribor main bus station.

If you encounter problems with the payment or parking ticket machine, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Customer support
T: 080 13 50