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White zones

The white zones in Maribor are with a white line indicated parking spaces, for which the parking fee is payable. Marprom offers the possibility of mobile parking payment in the white zones, where 3250 parking spaces are available. Marprom also supervises the payment of the parking fees.

All parking areas in the white zones are payable on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m; the exception are parking lots under the hotels Habakuk and Arena, which is payable every day between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Parking in the white zones can be paid via mobile phone with an SMS sent to 00 386 (0) 31 20 90 20 or via the EasyPark app, which is available for mobile phones running both Android and iOS operating system.

In the white zones in Maribor, the codes of the municipal zones and the area codes for mobile payment differ. For mobile payments via SMS or EasyPark app, there are five area codes for parking in white zones, which vary by the price of the parking: 311, 312, 313, 314, 315. They are indicated on the traffic signs and parking ticket machines in the white zones. Area code 311 applies to Slomšek Square, 312 to the city center and Lent, 313 to the main railway station and the right bank of the Drava river behind the railway tracks, 314 to the Loška street, 315 for parking lots under hotel Arena.

When making an SMS payment, enter the appropriate area code, vehicle registration number and desired parking time. When writing an SMS, enter the entire vehicle registration number (including the area code) without spaces. Use the # sign before parking time.

To pay via EasyPark app, you must first download and install the app on your mobile phone – the app is available online HERE. For this kind of payment, you can use payment cards or you can pay through your PayPal account. You can enter the area code manually, or your phone can determine the location of the vehicle based on the GPS system.

If you pay for the parking in the white zone via an SMS or mobile app, you can extend your parking time by resending a message or using the app. About 10 minutes before the parking time expires, you will be notified about the expiration of the parking time and the possibility of extending the parking time.

When paying via SMS or EasyPark, the parking enforcement officer checks on his or her mobile device, if the parking fee is paid and for how long. If the parking fee is not paid, the non-payer gets a »PARKING CHARGE NOTICE« in which he is asked to pay the full daily parking fee of € 18,70. If the driver fails to pay this amount within eight days, Marprom submits the documentation to the inter-municipal Inspectorate and the Maribor Police Department for further proceedings.

The minimum time unit for payment via SMS or EasyPark app is 1 hour; after more than 1 hour, the parking with EasyPark can be paid in minutes. Up to 10 initial minutes of parking in the white zones in Maribor are free of charge.

The general terms and conditions of use of the EasyPark app are posted HERE. The cost of using the application or the commission costs need to be covered by the user himself.  The commission for payment of the parking fee via the app is a minimum of € 0.10 or 15 percent of the parking fee. The commission fee will be rounded off to € 0.10.

EasyPark is the leading provider of mobile parking services and covers over 800 cities in Europe; of which more than 300 in Italy, 14 in Austria and over 120 in Germany. Amongst Slovenian cities the EasyPark application can be used in Bled, Bohinj, Fiesa, Grosuplje, Izola, Kobarid, Komen, Kranjska Gora, Lucija, Maribor, Piran, Portorož, Ptuj, Seča, Sežana, Slovenj Gradec and Strunjan.

The area codes for cash payments on parking metres are different to the codes used for mobile payments in white zones in Maribor. The respective area codes can be found on parking metres and on notice boards in white zones.

If you pay for parking in white zones via SMS message or the EasyPark app, you can prolong your parking time with another SMS message or within the app. You will also receive a message 10 minutes before your parking time is due with information on how to prolong your parking time.

If you are under a pre-paid phone plan, you can pay via SMS message if you are under the following phone carriers: Telekom (Izi mobil, Mega M, Spar Mobil, HIP mobil), A1 (bob), Telemach and T-2. You can also use the intuitive EasyPark app for parking spaces in other Slovenian cities as well as abroad.

Parking rates for 1 hour:

Area code Paid parking times Price for 1 hour
Area code 311 8.00–19.00 1,70 €
Area code 312, 314 8.00–19.00 1,00 €
Area code 313 8.00–19.00 0,60 €
Area code 315 6.00–18.00 0,60 €

Area Code 311 – Slomškov trg (Slomšek Square), Orožnova.

Area Code 312City center and Lent: Aškerčeva, Cankarjeva, Dominkuševa, Glavni trg (Main square), Gledališka, Gosposvetska, Gregorčičeva, Heroja Bračiča, Heroja Staneta, Heroja Šlandra, Heroja Tomšiča, Kajuhova, Kamniška, Kersnikova, Kočevarjeva, Kneza Koclja, Kopitarjeva, Koroška (part), Krekova, Lavričeva, Maistrova, Mladinska, Ob bregu, Partizanska (part), Poljančeva, Prešernova, Prežihova, Pri Parku, Pristan, Razlagova, Ribniška, Slovenska, Smetanova, Sodna, Strma, Strossmayerjeva, Trg Borisa Kidriča (Boris Kidrič Square), Trg generala Maistra, Trubarjeva, Tyrševa, Ul. talcev, Usnjarska, Vinarska, Vojašniška, Vrbanska; right bank of the Drava River: Gorkega (part), Moše Pijada (part), Ruška, Taborska, Verstovškova.

Area Code 313Left bank of the Drava River outside of the city center: Koroška – campus, Meljska, Partizanska (part), Plinarniška; right bank of the Drava River: Betnavska, Cesta zmage, Gorkega (part), Hlebova, Jezdarska, Linhartova, Moše Pijada (part), Ob železnici, Puškinova, Raičeva, Valvasorjeva, Žitna, Žolgarjeva.

Area Code 314 – Loška street under the Titoˈs bridge

Area Code 315Parking lots under the hotel Arena under Pohorje.

Parking support
M: +386 (0)30 333 457

Mobile payment – EasyPark