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Illegal Parking

Marprom performs the public service of removal and storage of improperly parked and abandoned vehicles in Maribor. The towing away of incorrectly parked cars is ordered by intermunicipal security officers and a special towing vehicle takes the cars to the parking lot in Mlinska ulica 1, right next to the main bus station. There, they are stored in a fenced and guarded part of the parking lot, from where the owners can take them away after paying the cost of removal.

This can be done at the bus station 24 hours/day after a previous phone call. The number is written at the bottom of the page.

The costs of removing an incorrectly parked vehicle is exactly € 100,00; 24 hours after the removal of the car, an additional charge of € 5,00/day will be charged.

The cost of removing a truck, bus or other vehicle that cannot be removed with a special towing vehicle is calculated according to the actual costs, calculated by the external provider of the removal service of such vehicles.

When the car is already stored in the secured parking lot in Mlinska ulica, it is not possible to claim half payment and the removal costs must be paid in full. Half payment can be claimed only in cases where the intermunicipal security officer has already issued an order for removal, but the towing vehicle has not towed the car away yet. In such a case, half the amount – € 50,00 must be paid.

If you find out that your vehicle is not where you parked it, there is a high probability that it was towed away. You can also check whether your vehicle is among the incorrectly parked and removed cars by phone or e-mail.

Customer support – improperly parked vehicles
Every day between 6 am and 10 pm: 041 309 710
Every day between 10 pm and 6 am: 02 300 00 50 (intervention number of the company Aktiva varovanje; between 10 pm–6 am the possibility of payment only with a payment card)

Customer support – abandoned vehicles
From Monday to Friday between 8 am and 3 pm
030 717 358

Current list of taken vehicles