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Marprom was established on June 21, 2011 with the purpose of providing safe and comfortable urban passenger transport throughout the entire municipality of Maribor. After it was founded, it initially operated as a public utility and in July 2012 it was then transformed into a public enterprise for urban passenger transport Marprom d.o.o.

Public parking

Marprom provides the possibilty of mobile parking payment in white zones, with a total of 3250 parking spaces,…

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Bus station Maribor

The current Maribor Main Bus Station facility officially opened on November 24, 1989,…

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Pohorje cable car

The circular cabin cable car, one of the symbols of Maribor’s Pohorje, takes you from the lower station at 328 meters…

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maister 1

Maister mini urban vehicle

In December 2017, an electric mini-vehicle called the Maister was added to the fleet of urban passenger transport, …

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