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Mobile application


Types of tickets and necessary documents to issue tickets:


Personalised tickets are meant for specific categories of passengers:

CITY STUDENT TICKET (IJPP tickets): filled out form for a subsidised monthly ticket, which is approved by VIZ. If you do not have an approved form, a certificate of enrolment in original will suffice as well.
CITY TICKET BASIC: personal document.
CITY TICKET SENIOR CITIZENS: People over the age of 65 or retirees: pension slip or government-issued proof of receiving a pension, personal document.

CITY COUPON TICKET SENIOR CITIZENS: Residents of the municipality of Maribor aged over 80 or over 70, who are recipients of Income support, are eligible for this ticket.
You need a personal document and government-issued proof of receiving Income support.
The ticket grants you 10 free rides per month.

CITY REGISTRATION TICKET (free of charge): government-issued proof in original (will be returned to you), which you can receive at the municipality of Maribor, personal document.
Handicapped citizens residing in the municipality of Maribor are eligible for this ticket.

YEARLY STUDENT TICKETS (school years apply): confirmation of enrolment in original, personal document.

Children aged 6–14,99 (without a subsidised ticket) need a card for a discount, which they can receive at the Maribor bus station upon presenting a personal document.


You do not need any documents for non-personalised tickets. They are available for all passengers that do not wish to pay for their tickets in cash or at the bus driver..

CITY COUPON TICKET MARIBOR – ticket for 1, 2, 6, 10 and 20 rides.
CITY YEARLY TRANSFERRABLE TICKET – valid for one year after its first validation on a bus. Can only be used by one person at the same time. Grants an unlimited number of rides..